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The Risks Of DIY Pressure Washing

The risks of diy pressure washing

While many homeowners assume that doing their own pressure washing is a manageable task that will save them money, the truth is that DIY pressure washing comes with a slew of potential dangers that could put your safety or your home at risk. Read on for a closer look at the risks associated with doing your own pressure washing before you commit to going the DIY route.

Using Chemicals Incorrectly

Professional pressure washing contractors frequently use chemical cleaning agents to clear away tough, caked-on build-up from your exteriors, but they are knowledgeable about diluting them and using them appropriately. If you're inexperienced with these cleaning solutions and attempt to use them, then you could easily cause more harm than good to your exteriors. Furthermore, failing to use any cleaning agents at all and relying only on water won't yield the deep clean that some of your exterior installations need. For example, applying only water to mold growth on your siding won't kill it. It will only spread the mold spores around and make the problem worse later. Professional pressure washers know how to handle chemical cleaners properly and responsibly so that your house washing or roof cleaning job delivers the results you want.

Using Incorrect Water Pressure

The most common mistake DIY pressure washers make is using either too much or too little water pressure when cleaning their exteriors. First and foremost, it's critical for the person performing the cleaning to understand that not all surfaces can withstand the force of heavy water pressure. Using high-pressure water spray on things like your roof or windows can result in severe damage to these installations. Your roof shingles can become loose or detach, and the granules on them can get cracked or pitted by too-high water pressure. Shingle damage is usually the start of a downward spiral for your roof. It's critical to ensure that when you're cleaning it, you're not actually stripping away its important components. Conversely, using too little water pressure doesn't clean anything; it only gets your exteriors wet with no real improvement in their cleanliness.


When it comes to pressure washing, safety should always be the most important consideration. There are many potentially dangerous aspects of this work, so it's wise to leave it to the professionals. According to the CDC, the powerful water spray from a pressure washer is strong enough to break the skin and cause deep wounds. This isn't just painful and potentially disfiguring, but it can also lead to infection. Furthermore, inexperienced pressure washers are more prone to electrical shock if they don't follow proper safety procedures and watch for outlets. Finally, if you have to work from an elevated height and aren't accustomed to doing so, then you're at a higher risk of falling and getting hurt. It may be tempting to try DIY pressure washing to cut costs, but most would agree that no amount of money savings is worth sustaining an injury while working.

DIY vs. Professional Exterior Cleaning

Ultimately, the choice between DIY and professional pressure washing is yours. However, it's important to consider the risks of taking on a home improvement project like this on your own so that you're better informed. Remember that you can always rely on trustworthy pros like those at Xstream Clean Power Washing when you need affordable and effective exterior cleaning in the Findlay area.

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